Jorge Badía, CEO of Cuatrecasas, dies | Economy

Jorge Badía, CEO of Cuatrecasas.
Jorge Badía, CEO of Cuatrecasas.

Jorge Badía, CEO of Cuatrecasas, has died this Sunday at the age of 59 in Barcelona, ​​as confirmed to this newspaper by sources from the firm, one of the leaders of the sector in Spain and Portugal. The lawyer, an expert in litigation and arbitration, has died while riding a bicycle with friends and family. The medical problem that caused the death is unknown, pending the autopsy. Sources from the office clarify that he was in good health.

Graduated in Law from the Autonomous University of Barcelona in 1988, Jorge Badía was an expert in resolving disputes between partners, as Cuatrecasas explains on his website, “particularly those that originate during investment processes and mergers and acquisitions of companies. He is also specialized in representing boards of directors in matters of directors’ liability”. After decades in internal management positions, he led the strategic development of the firm. As the first executive, he continues on the firm’s website, guaranteeing “that the Cuatrecasas human team provides its services while maintaining the highest quality, efficiency and transparency, and adapting to environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) changes”.

In April 2019 he was appointed CEO of the firm. Until then he held the position of general manager, a responsibility that he held since 2015.

Cuatrecasas reached a total consolidated revenue volume of 350 million euros in 2021, “a record figure that represents 11% more than in 2020”, indicates the firm in a statement. “In Spain, the figure rose to 286 million euros. The results of 2021 confirm the growth trend that the firm has been observing in the last five years. Between 2017 and 2021, Cuatrecasas has experienced an accumulated increase in revenue of 102.3 million euros (+41.3%)”, adds the office.

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