War in Ukraine: The videos that show that Russia is lying about the Bucha massacre | Videos

The war of the story in the Ukrainian invasion has focused in recent days on the city of Bucha, near kyiv, and where this weekend the bodies of more than 400 civilians killed by the Russians before the liberation of the enclave. The Kremlin has put its propaganda machine to work at full speed to deny its involvement in the mascare. In the video that accompanies the news, EL PAÍS collects and verifies all the videos that dismantle these arguments.

When did the Russian Bucha Army leave? When did the first videos appear on social networks about the massacre? Who published them? Are the bodies that appear on the asphalt really corpses? What evidence refutes Russia’s speech? Which ones does Russia contribute to disassociate itself from the massacre? This video analyzes one by one the images that show that the corpses were already there before the Russians liberated the city, according to satellite images dated between March 11 and 18, 2022 and published by New York Times.

The special envoy of EL PAÍS in Ukraine Luis de Vega has witnessed the trail of blood that was left in Bucha after a month of Russian occupation. He, along with media from around the world, has documented the death of hundreds of civilians in different neighborhoods, as he explains in this video.

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