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In October 2021, Telefónica launched its Global Innovation and Talent Hub with the ambitious goal of turning the company’s headquarters, Distrito Telefónica, into a network of smart buildings connected to each other to optimize the exchange of information and technology. A hub leader of a leading company.

This initiative took a key step in its consolidation last week with the inauguration of the new Universitas campus, the group’s corporate university. “Today is a very special day. Today we start a new stage, a new adventure. Today we formally open our new campus”, celebrated the president of Telefónica, José María Álvarez-Pallete, during the presentation ceremony.

With its new campus, Universitas is positioned as one of the fundamental pillars of the new Hub, a large corporate university called to be an innovative ecosystem in order to have leadership training for Telefónica workers. The company has learning in its DNA, it deeply believes in the power of education as a crucial vector to respond to the current challenges of the new digital reality, in society and also in Telefónica, for its workers.

“Universitas will be the heart of the new learning innovation ecosystem, a key piece of the new Innovation and Talent Hub. Classes will be taught from here, we will delve into new technologies, capturing all the opportunities they offer us on the journey to Web3, landing in the metaverse. Hybrid education, virtual sessions, face-to-face, and formats that have not yet been discovered will be key stops in this learning journey”, Álvarez-Pallete stressed.

Technology, innovation and people

Telefónica’s corporate university faces this new stage with the experience gained in years leading corporate education, and evolved into an incomparable total learning environment, where all company employees can grow. Telefónica firmly believes that if each of the people who are part of the group grows, the company grows, and Universitas will be a key lever to drive that growth.

Telefónica has allocated 2,000 square meters, an entire floor of the North Building 3 in the Telefónica District, with the best spaces and the most advanced technology, for the development of all the training activities on the new campus.

The new Universitas facilities will have the latest technology with various rooms that, for example, will have capacity for 120 connected people and 56 seated, with additional space in the stands. Or multipurpose spaces (classrooms, common spaces and lobby), with varied capacities and the possibility of replicating the Mashme signal, the technological platform that allows remote participants to access a virtual learning environment based on fluid collaboration in real time, or Team sessions of up to 10,000 people with streaming available. Said infrastructure is complemented by a recording room, a translation booth and a cafeteria.

Telefonica Universities

Telefonica Universities Classroom.

With Universitas, Telefónica makes available to all its employees, without any limitations, the most complete learning offer, which allows them to grow in digital skills, but also in the most necessary human skills, aligning and nurturing their culture and being a key lever in the execution of the challenges and objectives that are proposed as a company. Because it will offer a transformative and innovative experience, but also a human one, based on the values ​​that must govern a digital transformation in which technology is at the service of people, never the other way around.

The power to connect

Coinciding with the inauguration of the new campus, Telefónica also announced the launch of the Power of Connections program, an initiative aimed at the company’s more than 100,000 employees with the aim of inspiring, connecting and aligning the entire workforce around the purpose, the vision and culture of Telefónica.

“Power of Connections is for each and every employee. All company employees will go through this experience. There will be academic content from Universitas, and a direct conversation about the future of the company”, assured Marta Machicot, Global Director of People at Telefónica.

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