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Although the latest EU Oil Bulletin indicates that a liter of gasoline in Spain costs an average of 1,844 euros and that of diesel costs 1,817 euros, the reality is that You do not pay the same at all service stations in the country. Prices vary between autonomies and provinces; the gap is so great that the cheapest places charge practically half for both fuels than the most expensive centers.

According to data from the Ministry for the Ecological Transition consulted on March 16, the price of 95 octane gasoline costs between 1,149 euros and 2,139 euros depending on the locality. For its part, diesel ranges between 1,039 and 2,287 euros per liter. This means that right now there is a place in Spain where filling an average 55-litre tank with gasoline costs 63 euros while in another part of the country it costs 117 euros. The same goes for diesel engines; refueling costs 57 euros in the cheapest province and goes up to 125 euros in the most expensive.

The most affordable gasoline is in the province of Valencia, in the town of Cortes de Pallas, where according to information from the Ministry, until March 15 the price was 1,149 a liter. The second place is shared by three towns that are in Teruel, in the regions of Castellote, La Estación and Albalate del Arzobispo. Here the fuel costs 1,232 euros per liter. The third place on the list is occupied by the town of Montemayor, in Córdoba, with an amount of 1,259 euros/litre, while the fourth cheapest place is in La Guancha, Tenerife, where gasoline is sold at an amount of 1,267 euros. The top five is closed by the town of Villaviciosa de Córdoba, in Córdoba, with a price of 1,269 euros.

To find the cheapest gas oil should be sent to Navalvillar de Pela, in Badajoz, where according to the historical price series, until last week the liter cost 1,039 euros. The second site with more affordable prices is Cortes de Pallas, in Valencia, where diesel is 1,047 euros/litre. Third place is shared by the Valencian region of Estivella with the town of Montemayor, in Cordóba, both with a price of 1,109 euros. For their part, three sites in Teruel take fourth place: they are Castellote, La Estación and Albalate del Arzobispo, where diesel refueling costs 1,110 euros per liter. The list is closed by Xativa, another Valencian town, with a sale to the public of 1,119 euros.

The most expensive places

On the other side of the scale, with the most expensive 95 octane gasoline, appears in the town of Montseny, in Barcelona. Here refueling costs 2,139 euros per liter, according to MITECO. It is followed by Herrera del Duque, in Badajoz, where it is sold at 2,109 euros. In third place, although with a price similar to the previous one, is Torres, in Jaén. There the fuel is worth 2,103 euros/litre. In fourth position appears the Granada region of Baúl (2,099 euros) while Badajoz repeats in fifth position, with the town of Castilblanco (2,085 euros).

In the case of diesel, the most expensive places to refuel are concentrated in Jaén, Huesca and Valencia. In the Andalusian municipality are the two towns with the highest prices: Torres and Aldeahermosa, where a liter of diesel costs 2,287 euros and 2,176 euros a liter, respectively. Then there is Altorricón and Tamarite de Litera, both in the community of Aragón and with a current price of 2,160 euros per liter. In fourth place are the Valencian municipalities of Novele-Novetle and Aielo de Malferit (2,110 euros/litre) and the fifth most expensive site is in Murcia, specifically Alquerías, where it is sold at 2,108 euros.

fuel taxes

Fuels are taxed in two ways: the special tax on hydrocarbons and the value added tax (VAT). The first applies to each liter of fuel and represents 32% of the retail price. The second is set at its maximum rate, that is, at 21%. The Spanish Association of Petroleum Product Operators (AOP) stated in December last year that of 50 euros in refueling, 23 went in taxes, 17 to pay the cost of the raw material, nine were the cost of logistics and marketing, and one euro was for the wholesale gross margin.

With the aim of dealing with the escalating inflation, the Government promised this week to lower the price of gasoline on March 29, when it plans to approve a royal decree that includes the measures of the national response plan to the economic consequences of the war in Ukraine.

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