Abramovich’s private plane lands in Tel Aviv while the EU sanctions him | Economy

The aircraft with registration LX-RAY property of Roman Abramóvich has been parked at the Tel Aviv airport since Sunday night, without the presence in Israel of the Russian oligarch sanctioned for his alleged support for Russian President Vladimir Putin in the invasion of Ukraine having been confirmed. The israeli business daily globes He specified that the private aircraft had to leave the runways of Ben Gurion airport within 24 hours of landing, in accordance with the restrictions imposed by the Israeli government after the outbreak of the armed conflict. The aircraft took off on Monday afternoon in the direction of Istanbul. The European Union has announced this Monday that it includes in its sanction list the hitherto owner of the British soccer club Chelsea, within the framework of coordinated actions with the G-7, reports France Presse.

Abramóvich, who has denied that he has ties to Putin, is among the seven financial tycoons of Russian origin included in a list of sanctions imposed by the United Kingdom, which on Saturday withdrew his rights to Chelsea, as part of the measures to economically isolate Russia. Russia. The United States, Canada, Australia and other countries have joined the economic retaliation against Russian businessmen known for their close contacts with the Moscow government.

After acquiring Israeli nationality in 2018 due to his Jewish origin, Abramovich has repeatedly traveled to Israel, where he has stood out for his philanthropic activity. Last week, the Jerusalem Holocaust Center and Museum rejected a million-dollar donation from the oligarch made after the start of the war in Ukraine and severed all ties with him.

He also has a Portuguese passport since 2021, under the legislation that recognizes nationality for Sephardic Jews. The Lisbon authorities opened last weekend an investigation into alleged irregularities in the nationality granting file processed by the Oporto rabbinate.

Israel has not joined the Western economic sanctions against Russia, within a policy of equidistance in the Ukraine conflict. Prime Minister Naftali Bennett is trying to mediate between Kiev and Moscow and has been one of the few international leaders received in the Kremlin by Putin. Air links with Russia remain open in Israel, where more than a million inhabitants (15% of the population) come from the former Soviet Union. For the Bennett government, it is essential to maintain freedom of action for its combat aviation in attacks against pro-Iranian militias deployed in Syria, whose airspace is de facto controlled by the Russian Army.

US Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland has called on Israel to join the sanctions and contribute to the international pressure on Moscow. Speaking to Israeli television channel 12 quoted by the Hebrew press on Sunday, Nuland warned that the Jewish state must not become a “refuge for black money for Putin’s wars.” The American diplomat stressed that the pressure be concentrated on the Russian oligarchs.

He knows in depth all the sides of the coin.


The Israeli Foreign Minister Yair Lapid He responded this Monday, during an official trip to Slovakia, by guaranteeing that Israel “will not become a shortcut to circumvent sanctions on Russia”, without specifying more details. Lapid limited himself to announcing that his department will coordinate with the Finance and Energy ministries, the Bank of Israel and with border control authorities to “continue to closely monitor movements in payment systems and financial markets. ”.

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