Formula 1: FIA prevents a new misfortune of the season like Senna and Prost | sports

Four days after Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen will be involved in a series of blows that will forever be sculpted in the books of the Formula 1 World Championship, the two candidates for the title are preparing for the last of the 22 races of the closest dispute in the last two times. After the brigade in Jeddah, you both match the final date, in Abu Dhabi, with the same points (369.5 points), Embora or the Dutch lead the table to accumulate nine wins, one more than the opponent. Not paper, the math is very simple: finishing in front will be the champion. Therefore, some episodes that have not happened in the past will motivate the legislative division of the Federação Internacional do Automóvel (FIA) to be on alert. Two delegates intend to try to prevent the most hectic season of the last decade from being decided with a maneuver that can be considered tortuous, which has occurred in this course, both on the side of Hamilton —at Silverstone, when he sent Red Bull against the barriers — Like Verstappen — in Saudi Arabia, he blocked Mercedes several times and eased or squeezed between the two cars.

The statistics of the pilot of the buffalo team have a vantagem to be considered: in the event that two do not mark immediately, it is the one that celebrates. It is therefore that two episodes of past ganham life with an enormous symbolic load for the entity, for which we starred. At first, the crash caused by Ayrton Senna at the Grand Prix of Japan in 1990. The Brazilian played his McLaren against Alain Prost’s Ferrari, at the first corner of Suzuka, to be angry that it had happened on the same track the previous year, in which he was declassified as Professor, since he was a partner in the British team, he was crowned for the second time. Equally resounding was the defeat of the 1997 World Cup, in Jerez, in which Michael Schumacher threw his Ferrari against Jacques Villeneuve (Williams), who, unlike the German, continued on the track and ended up celebrating the title —or Kaiser would be deprived of vice- championship days after, for being considered or directly responsible for an intentional accident.

In this fifth-feira, in the preview of the big prize that will glorify Red Bull or Mercedes, Michael Masi, or director of proof, told all the teams that any unsportsmanlike conduct could lead to the loss of points by the offender, threatening that , in some way, it serves to even things out even more between Hamilton and Mad Max. “The commissioners can decide on the following penalties: suspension for one or more prov as or withdrawal of points from the championship”, states article 12.4.5 of the previous notes to the Grand Prix of Abu Dhabi.

“The truth is that I don’t spend a lot of energy thinking about these things,” replied Hamilton when asked about a possible “abrupt” result between the two main protagonists of this 2021. “I really appreciate that everyone is here with the intention of winning. I want to think that we all want to play the right way“, more or current champion, to win somará the 8th title, standing out as the most successful driver of all times. “As a driver, you don’t think about things,” agreed Verstappen, who shared dinner with his rival, sitting a meter from the other. “It’s an end of the week that I want to do better or that I can, obviously, win,” concluded Hasselt’s garoto.

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